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A by-product of think design studio, Tedious is our exclusive line of furniture and product design customized for you by our very skilled designers. We use the same approach we use in our architecture and interior design spaces, we value an integrated client collaborative effort and thorough understanding of the space for which are our products are custom designed for.

Tedious specialises in luxury, mid-to-high-end pieces that can convey befittingly to both sense and sensibility of the users of space, bridging the gap between a vague, dream-like inspiration and a true revelation.

Tedious strives for excellence in sourcing a series of exclusive, high-end designer products to architects, designers as well as real-estate developers.

 A keen-eye procurer of ultra luxury and premier lifestyle products, Tedious will constantly expand and upgrade its collections that feature pieces which become core to an interior display, completing any interior space décor—both practically and aesthetically.

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“Good Designs tend to be identified as timeless artefacts, durable and reliable by the population and they shall be equally easier to maintain.

Good Architectural design must, for me, satisfy these elements: Sustainability & Green design, Scale & Proportion, Hierarchy, Sense of Place and Contextual appreciation” – Q. Lerotholi